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Best LMS

Best Learning Management Courses

Dixon & Associates Consulting Services, LLC encompasses a multifaceted learning management system (LMS) which afford opportunities to deliver content (Learning Pathways) via face-to face, virtual and/or a combination of both systems.

Our Learning pathways utilizes and manages all a variety of types of content including video, PowerPoint presentations, courses, and documents, allowing our clients to access all learning pathways from any device.

Our LMS also affords instructors the opportunity to manage and customize assessments, surveys, rubrics, discussions, and project-based learning outcomes by creating a streamlined communication channel between instructors and customers. and allow students to access all course content from any device.

Instructors can use an LMS to manage rubrics, student discussion boards, and learning pathways which customizing key features for reporting, progress tracking, and assignments and assessments and relative thinking journaling.

1.MAN-UP  Institute Guide

2.Power of the  5 P’s: What Every Educator Needs To Know

3.Youth Entrepreneurship

4.Innovative Leadership for 21st Century Youth

5.Differentiated Instruction

6.Response to Intervention

7.Grant Writing  Processes and Procedures

8. How to become a Peer Mediator

9.Transitioning from school to work –Social Justice – What can You Do?

10.Special Education versus 504 –What’s the Difference & What You Need to Know

11.Effective Organizational and  Test Taking Skills

12.How to Make Powerful Impressions in Your Interview

13.Managing Stress – What You Can Do!

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