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The Power of the 5 Ps: What Every Educator Needs to Know By:
Dr. Marva T. Dixon

Make a difference in the lives of youth with The Power of the 5 Ps. Remain steadfast. America’s youth need and are counting on you! Order Today!

The power of the 5 P’s Reflective Journal, Wrist Band and Desk Poem

MAN-UP Institute Guide
by Dr. Marva T. Dixon

The MAN-UP Institute Guide – Motivating Attitudes that Nurture an Understanding of your Potential sums up the “MAN-UP” Institute Guide.

ISBN 13 (Trade Paperback): 9781490756837

ISBN 13 (eBook): 9781490756844

The MAN-UP Institute Guide consists of 6 specific modules, an “Introductory Session” and a final “Launching for Success” session. Students will engage in reflective writing utilizing the “MAN-UP” Reflective Journal (sold separately) throughout the institute. The modules include:

Introductory Session: Juntos for Umoja – “The Commitment”

  1. The Whole Me (Finding My Voice, Interest, Talents, Learning Style, Abilities)
  2. Aiming for Success
  3. The Healthy Me – “Mind-Body-Soul”
  4. Personal Safety Tools
  5. Leadership & Financial Literacy
  6. The Model Man: Social, Emotional & Civic Skills

Launch to Success – The Celebration – A Family Event

The guide affords teachers, administrators and counselors opportunities to utilize the strategies beyond the institute as follow-up and assisting students in sustaining the skills and strategies learned while participating in the institute.

Chapter in book: Amazing Grades: 101 Best Ways to Improve Your Grades Faster

The Parent Engagement Formula –A Parent’s Formula for your Child’s Success –Success = ENGAGEMENT”