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Online Learning Pathways

Online – Anytime – Anywhere – Any Place – Any Device! A Platform for 21st Century Education

The advancement in technologies, the most recent decades have seen a sea change in the way individuals interact and communicate. For example, contents, services, and applications previously carried out locally, face to face or inside classrooms are gradually finding its way to the online or virtual formats provide flexibilities based on the individual needs of the client.

 As individuals and environment changes, so must how we deliver educational concepts and learning pathways in order to be able to adapt to and embrace this paradigm shift in the educational landscape. Dixon and Associates Consulting Services, LLC offers a holistic and customized approach to delivering content utilizing multiple formats including but not limited to:

  • Face to Face
  • Web-based
  • Computer-based, and Internet-based
  • Online and eLearning courses
  • mobile learning
  • eBooks
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Videos
  • Journaling
  • Skype
  • Zoom
  • Blogs
  • Others

Online learning goes by many names and different variations, but at its core, online education is an electronically supported form of education and learning and heavily relies on the Internet for any student/teacher interaction, including the distribution of class materials and resources.

Of significance is that Online Learning comes with many teaching techniques, processes, and strategies. The utilization of the Internet in the learning process can help transform any place, with a suitable internet connection and electricity, into a learning environment or classroom. In essence affords opportunities for learning online -anytime – anyplace – anywhere – any device!

1.MAN-UP  Institute Guide

2.Power of the  5 P’s : What Ever Educator Needs to Know

3.ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE  in the 21st Century

4.Women’s Leadership Training

5.5 simple ways to Advocate for your child

6.Developing Resiliency

7.Growth Mindset versus Fixed Mind Set

8.Youth Entrepreneurship

9.Innovative Leadership for 21st Century Youth

10.Addressing Implicit and Unconscious  Biases

11.Educational Leadership Development

12 Instructional Leadership

13.Improving School and Community Engagement

14.Differentiated Instruction

15.Response to Intervention

16.Grant Writing  Processes and Procedures

17.Career/College /Life Readiness

18.How to become a Peer Mediator

19.Transitioning from school to work – What I need to Know

20.Social Justice – What can You Do?

21.Ladies Learning to be Queen

22.Rainbows in A Cloud –  Faith – Family  –  Friends

23.Effective Communication – What it Is and Is Not!

24.Special Education versus 504 –What’s the Difference & What You Need to Know

25.Effective Organizational and  Test Taking Skills

26.Making Responsible Decisions

27.Self Advocacy  & Self-determination

28.Finding Your Voice

29.How to Make Powerful Impressions in Your Interview

30.Managing Stress – What You Can Do!


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