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Parent Training and Workshops

Parents can and do make a difference in the education of their child. When parents and families are engaged in the educational process, everyone benefits –students, teachers, parents and the school as a whole. According to Harvard Family Research Project and Parent Institute when families are engaged…


    • Students achieve higher grades and test scores
    • Students have better attendance and more homework completion
    • Schools have higher completion rates
    • Families build skills in helping their children learn
    • Families have more confidence in the school

Additionally, the research indicates that the earlier and more intensely parents are involve in educational processes, the more beneficial are the effects on the child’s achievement. Research also confirms that, regardless of the economic, racial, or cultural background of the family, when parents become partners in their child’s education, the results not only include improved student achievement, school attendance, reduced dropout rates, but there tends to be a decrease in delinquent behaviors. Children learn best when the significant adults in their lives work together to encourage and support them.