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Push Beyond Limits

Transform Yourself

What we need to understand and act upon is the fact that an individual’s mindset, habits, and behaviors propel change, transformation, and progress. A transformation of an individual’s thoughts behaviors and actions requires a commitment to learn new things, change certain behaviors and a willingness to transform into something and/or someone new. Important: It takes on the average more than 6-8 weeks before a new behavior becomes automatic.  It takes 66 days to be exact! How can you transform yourself? Do not waste another minute! Get started with the life changing innovative and culturally responsive learning pathways provided by Dixon and Associates Consulting Services, LLC.  

1.MAN-UP  Institute Guide

2.Power of the  5 P’s: What Every Educator Needs to Know

3.ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE  in the 21st Century

4.Rainbows in A Cloud –  Faith – Family  –  Friends

5.Women’s Leadership Training

6.5 simple Ways to Advocate for Your Child

7.Developing Resiliency  & Grit

8.Growth Mindset Versus Fixed Mind Set

9.Youth Entrepreneurship

10.Innovative Leadership for 21st Century Youth

11.Addressing Implicit and Unconscious Bias

12.ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE  in the 21st Century 

13.Educational Leadership Development

14.Instructional Leadership

15.Improving School and Community Engagement

16.Career/College /Life Readiness

17.What I Need to Know

18.Self Advocacy  & Self-determination

19.How to Make Powerful Impressions in Your Interview

20.Finding Your Voice


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